Engineered and designed for strength. Finger joined to eliminate warp and twist, laminated for stability and sourced from sustainable hardwood forests. 

This is the best product for stretching canvas and digital prints. Its stability guarantees you greater ease in stretching. The 20mm stretcher bar is the best one to use for artworks with narrow margins such as Aboriginal works. When you buy 50 metres you know you can use 50 metres as there is no waste from warping or twisting.

Available in 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm, and a super strong 15mm and 18mm bracing bar.

With a certificate of Sustainable Forest Timbers this gives the stretcher bar great Green Credentials.

This product is currently used by many framers including Parker's Sydney Fine Arts, Sydney Canvas Company and the Lily Group (the largest stretcher of Aboriginal artworks in Australia.)


Why not use our BAGUETTE moulding with your stretcher bar for a perfect, thin, sleek, finish around your stretched canvas? It is available in Black or White compo,  or  Raw in Maranti, also available in a Satin finish. The baguette measures 50mm x 8mm and 50 mm x 12 mm with a step on one side and is fully reversible for a stepped or plain boxed finish.

 For further information about this product contact Geoffrey Gettens of Kiparra distributors on 0414 885 440 or email